First Florida Chapter MVPA show, Oct 5-6 2019

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M-60 Patton in St Augustine

VFW Post 2391 in St Augustine have a M-60 Patton on display at their location.

2018-07-07 18.31.47

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Brevard Veterans Memorial Center, Merritt Island visit

The Brevard Veterans Memorial Center, in Merritt Island, opened in its new facility on Veteran’s Day 2016. My son and I visited the museum on the second day of being opened after spending the morning at the Valiant Air Command Open House. The displays in the museum are amazing and represent all of the branches of the military with great depth. Even though the intent is represent veterans of Brevard County, items on display reach back all the way to the Revolutionary War.

The museum hours are Monday through Saturday, 0830 to 1600 and on Sunday, 1200 to 1600. There is no charge for admission. The museum is located at 400 S Sykes Creek Pkwy on the waterfront with a walking path through the nature area and a kids playground. There are benches on the water side.

Highly suggest a visit if you are in the area.

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Armed Forces Military Museum, Largo, Florida

I had been wanting to visit the Armed Forces Military Museum in Largo, Florida but never got around to putting it on my calendar. When we finally did, the announcement came out that they were closing the doors at the end of January. So, we made a weekend trip to the west coast of Florida to check out the museum and were greatly impressed.

The back story on the museum closing is that the owner, John Piazza Sr, passed away back in October 2016. A lot of the stuff at the museum, he collected over the years and wanted to share with the public. Others joined him and made available various uniforms and equipment. As noted on their website, the museum operated in the red since its owning and the museum’s board of directors decided that this could not continue.

The museum closed at the end of January 2017, so don’t plan on visiting the site. Hopefully, my trip, with photos, will help you explore and appreciate what was on display.


My family booked a ride on the M8 Greyhound, which was a 10 minute ride around the back part of the property. This vehicle was restored on property and has lineage back to WW2.

armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-37 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-92 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-91 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-48

Outside was a M103 turret.
armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-66 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-65 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-70 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-75

armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-40M5-A1 Stuart Light tank on display.

armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-55 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-74 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-107 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-76

armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-47 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-105

M4A3 Sherman

armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-110 armed_forces_museum_dec_2016-67

M41 Walker Bulldog on display.


M47 Patton on display. Some pictures of the interior.

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Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park

Camp Blanding is located about an hour north of Gainesville, FL and is the primary military reservation and training base for the Florida National Guard, both the Florida Army National Guard and certain non-flying activities of the Florida Air National Guard. The based also served as a training center and POW camp during the Second World War.

To celebrate its history, located on site is the Camp Blanding Museum and Memorial Park. Open to the public, the facility contains a history museum in one of Camp Blanding’s restored World War II buildings, tracing the history of both Camp Blanding and the Florida National Guard. Outdoor exhibits and displays include equipment and Army, Navy and Air Force aircraft from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and Operation Desert Storm, including captured Soviet-manufactured Iraqi equipment from the latter conflict.


camp-blanding-july-2015-0024 camp-blanding-july-2015-0018 camp-blanding-july-2015-0009 camp-blanding-july-2015-0051

camp-blanding-july-2015-0052 camp-blanding-july-2015-0038 camp-blanding-july-2015-0026 camp-blanding-july-2015-0021
camp-blanding-july-2015-0039 camp-blanding-july-2015-0046 camp-blanding-july-2015-0020 camp-blanding-july-2015-0032 camp-blanding-july-2015-0010

camp-blanding-july-2015-0065 camp-blanding-july-2015-0062 camp-blanding-july-2015-0061 camp-blanding-july-2015-0060

camp-blanding-july-2015-0059 camp-blanding-july-2015-0057 camp-blanding-july-2015-0056 camp-blanding-july-2015-0054

camp-blanding-july-2015-0007 camp-blanding-july-2015-0028 camp-blanding-july-2015-0031 camp-blanding-july-2015-0005
camp-blanding-july-2015-0016 camp-blanding-july-2015-0015 camp-blanding-july-2015-0009 camp-blanding-july-2015-0002

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First Florida Chapter MVPA event, 22-26 February 2017

I have been there the past two years and the event has gotten bigger every year. WW2Armor will be there this year with some of their tanks.


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